13 d’ag. 2013

Fall 2013

Catalan Language and Culture I

Monday –Wednesday 11.00am– 12:50 pm
Núria Dordal Homs
 Office: ROLFE Hall 4329
 Office Hours: by appointment


Course Description

Have you ever heard about Barça's victories, Joan Miró's fanciful paintings, the irreverent and brilliant Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí's unique buildings? Well, this means you already know something about the Catalan culture. Besides, if you have ever been to Barcelona, one of the most visited cities in Europe, you might have already heard some Catalan words.

This course, designed for beginners, is aimed at enthusiastic learners of new languages, specially those interested in finding out more about a European language that doesn't enjoy the support and visibility of a sovereign nation-state apparatus.

The very basics of the language will be addressed through a wide range of activities, including listening to songs, reading some excerpts from works by Catalan authors, watching parts of Catalan films and Television programs, etc. These different teaching activities will be also arranged to introduce students to the wider cultural context of the Catalan language, which is not only spoken in Spain but also in some regions of France and Italy, and it is the only official language of Andorra.


The teaching materials will be provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course.


The weekly progress of each student will be recorded, and students are urged to consult the instructor weekly to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. The final grade is based on:

  • Attendance 5%
  • Homework 10%
  • In-class participation 15%
  • Final project 15%
  • Quizzes (3) 15%
  • Mid-term exam (oral and written) 20%
  • Final exam (oral and written) 20%

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